Maxi Foods is proud to partner with RPU to offer unheard of pricing on LED Bulbs for your House Hold Needs.  The Bulbs are available for purchase at both our locations. The following are the details of the program:

LED Instant Rebate

Lighting your home or business with bulbs that feature light emitting diodes – also called LEDs – can help reduce your energy costs over time.  Here is a helpful guide with more detail. 

For a limited time, Riverside Public Utilities will give its customers an instant in-store rebate when they purchase LED bulbs at any of the retail outlets noted below. 

Here’s how it works: 

RPU electric customers may visit any participating location and look for the RPU logo on one of two LED bulbs offered through this program.  LED bulb offerings at participating stores may vary. 

Purchase your bulbs (limit 16) at the register and receive an instant rebate. 
Here are the models to look for:

Brand:   Greenlite              
Model #:  9W/LED/OMNI/D              
Retail amount:  $11.99                                     

Total after rebate (excluding taxes):  $0.99

Brand:   Greenlite               
Model #:  8W/LED/BR30-D/S
Retail amount:  $12.99
Total after rebate (excluding taxes):  $2.99

Why LEDs?
LED products are among the most efficient products on the market, helping users save 50%-75% over incandescent or compact florescent bulbs.  Here are some other benefits:

Longer Lasting 
LED bulbs last between 15 and 20 years.   

Better Color 
LEDs offer better color and warmer lighting temperatures similar to incandescent bulbs, often preferred by consumers.  

LEDs dim better than CFLs, have no warm-up lag and have none of the mercury, hazardous materials or other disposal issues commonly associated with CFLs.